Relax with a Custom Facial

Why Should You Get A Facial? And more directly What is a Facial?

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Facials are great for rejuvenation and relaxation. The ultimate goal is to help improve the health and appearance of your skin. After a facial your skin will look brighter and healthier. Additionally your skin will feel softer after the facial.

The relaxation portion of the facial does nothing but benefit your skin and your overall mental and physical health. The stress of our hectic daily lives shows up in our skin so taking an hour to relax and be pampered will help you out both physically and emotionally.

During your facial your esthetician will analyze your skin and then customize the products she uses during the facial according to what they have seen. Your esthetician not only will use great products on your skin during the facial, she will also recommend the right products for your skin type for home use helping to eliminate any confusion.

So come get a professional facial in order to relax, rejuvenate, to have your skin thoroughly cleaned and exfoliated, to receive expert advice about what is happening with your skin, and in order to receive home care product recommendations. NEVER under-estimate the power of a little rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  Lindsey and Seven are here to answer Any of your questions…

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