What’s all the buzz on Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments Anyway?


    Keratin complex treatment is one of the hottest new in-salon service that being deemed  “life Changing”!


Have you always wanted shiny smooth hair without the frizz? Are you jealous of those Hollywood styles, and long for those same look? Then we may have the solution for you…

The Keratin Complex System was created with revolutionary technology that is specially formulated containing natural keratin protein which rebuilds, restores, and rejuvenates all types of hair. This may sound too good to be true, but the results are undeniable! Unlike other smoothing treatments out there the Keratin Complex is designed for all hair types and is a treatment that Helps with the condition of your hair.

-Promotes the health of the hair
Blocks the effects of humidity
-Reduces unruly curl leaving hair straight and silky
-Leaves the hair smooth and shiny
Enhances the hair follicle with keratinous bond

At Salon 730, we offer 2 options in the battle against the frizz and straightening your hair: The Keratin Complex Smoothing treatment and the Keratin Complex Express Blow Out service.

Both are formulated with the Keratin Complex and will leave your hair in optimal health.
The Keratin Smoothing treatment is designed for all hair types but specially designed for frizzy, curly textured hair. The Treatment seals the Keratin into the cuticle to lock-out frizz causing humidity enabling a quicker blow-dry and still allows you to wear your hair with curl, without the fuss. One treatment will give you long lasting results for up to 5 months and requires 72 hours waiting process after treatment. The Result is a Silky, Straight, Nonfrizzy manageable head of hair.

The Keratin Express Blowout is a unique 11/2 hour service that gives you softer and silky hair for up to 6 weeks. This service allows you to wash your hair 8 hours after treated. It too is designed to all hair types but is a quick solution to a weekend event or an in-between visit option.

Let the expert’s help you decide which service is right for you and leave with the head of hair you have always wanted.

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